Here is the first Handmade Baseball Bolt Action pen created for a customer request by WhataPen. Got more request to finish! Each handmade writing instrument aka handmade ink pens are created in my little shop in my garage.  So if you know any baseball fan, coach or player, then get their custom logo or team put on this sweet pen, they will love you very much for it!

The body is customizable with an image you supply so it has that custom look.

Pen End: A batter eagerly waiting for his pitch – casted in intricate detail.

Pen Top: The outside architecture of a baseball stadium casted around the top of the pen with a baseball infield inside the baseball stadium top.

Pen Clip: Is a baseball bat placed at the hands of the batter.

Pen Mechanism: The “Curveball” Bolt Action mechanism replicates the arc of a pitcher’s curveball approaching the batter.

Pen Tip: Incorporates a baseball as well as the some of the same architectural stadium elements as the pen end.