Handmade wood pens have been the staple for many collector pen users over many years. Started with the feather pen and grew. As a custom pen creator I still use wood to create some of my pens.  Here are a couple I finished yesterday: Walnut wood, Purpleheart wood, Hawaiian Koa wood, Canarywood.

When I am creating my wood pens I like to keep the feel of wood. To explain, I finish my wood pens to a 12k grit which is very smooth but allows for the grain levels and imperfections to be felt. I apply a friction sealer and polish to keep the wood feeling and looking good for many years. I want my pens to feel like wood not plastic. I never use a CA glue finish which causes a plastic feel and the glue layer can easily crack ruining the pen.

With my wood pens if it has a dip or a crack or some odd imperfection I do leave it. Now I will seal it so it doesn’t grow and damage the pen. But I want it to have its own personality and look. Natural feel and look is my biggest concern and what I strive to keep on the wood pens.

Each wood pen blank is chosen due to its look, feel and quality of the wood. I don’t just use any wood, it has to come from my suppler who I been using since 2012 when I started. Believe me quality makes the difference.

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Walnut Wood Pen
Purpleheart wood 2 part pen
Purpleheart wood Icon Pen
Hawaiian Koa wood Icon Pen
Canarywood Icon Pen