If you are in the military or were in the military then you know about the little thin pen pocket on the BDU uniforms. Well after creating the Icon pens that are about .38″ thick I was asked by a couple soldiers if I could make some for their branch of service.  So I wanted to create one for the ARMY, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Well at WhataPen I always try new things and I wasn’t sure if I could put an image on this thin pen. But I went to work and it came out awesome looking! An artist created each branch of military image for me so it could fit the very thin pen. Then the normal process began to create the blanks.  I used a Gun Metal hardware on it, well because it’s the military and Gun Metal just fit the situation.

The Icon pen is made to where it uses the refills right from the Bic Round Stic pens that most people have laying around or at their offices, and the military uses them too. So instead of having to use that plain old boring bic pen, now you can show off your support of the military. Also your fingers will love the cushioned finger grips.

Please go order one today!

Army Icon Pen
Navy Icon Pen
Marines Icon Pen
Air Force Icon Pen
Coast Guard Icon Pen