So I was asked if I could create a unique tobacco pipe for someone. Well I did a little research and found out how I could create a handmade pipe.

Well after a couple weeks I have finally finished the Handmade WhataPipe One Hit. I know it is a funny name but it is not my normal things I create.

The body is handmade just like my pens so I can use wood, color alumilite resin, fordite or a hybrid of resin and wood. The body is removable so you can clean the pipe parts.

The cap for the bowl has a hole in it for lighting purposes. The bowl has a stainless steel screen at the bottom so you can pack and store for the day when the cap is on. So no spilling or messes. I will be creating one with an elbow bowl at some point.

If you are interested you can contact me to get one ordered HERE.

Wood One Hit Pipe